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  • I am an editor
  • Still have all roles enabled
  • I work in Chrome here
  • .
  • You see, I just changed the roles as an Administrator in Firefox
  • I disabled editing, advanced + cusom css tab
  • And I could not edit the module here in chrome (as expected)
  • Then I enabled editing again, but left advanced and css disabled, see:
  • And now here in Chrome I can edit AND advanced + custms css are available, although they are disabled in the role editor.
  • Now lets see what happens when I open an incognito window here in Chrome.
  • You see, now I opened an incognito window, the advanced and css tab are gone, like they should.
  • Now let’s go back to the normal Chrome Window again
  • You see, I am back in the normal chrome window, I refreshed the page and here the advanced and css tab are still there.
  • Now lets see in a incognito window in Firefox
  • So here I am in Firefox incognito, and the advanced and css tab are not available here.
  • Now I go back to the role editor in a normal firefox window as an administrator and I enable the advanced roll but keep the css role disabled.
  • So I just changed the roles again, and now I am back in a normal Chrome Window. Only the Custom CSS tab should be disabled, but it is not.
  • Now let’s see in my Chrome incognitor Window
  • So here I am in Chrome incognito. advanced and css are not available, but I just enabled advanced, so that should be there. See:
  • Now let’s close this incognito window and open a new one.
  • So now I am back in a NEW Chrome incognito window, and ow advanced is back and css is still gone like it should.
  • .
  • Does this look like a server caching issue? To me it doesn’t
  • Does this look like a local caching issue? To me it does
  • How else would you explain that a change in the roles doesn’t work untill you open a new incognito window?